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Jun. 2nd, 2009



For a long time in my life, well, perhaps only 5 or 6 years, I've had long chunks of time that I couldn't account for. It was very distressing at first, but soon I began to live with the fact that I was losing time. Yet I still can't explain it. People began to notice it somehow recently, and I started getting paranoid.
Then for a short while, it stopped. I remembered my day, and everything in it. It was unusual, but very refreshing, and I was glad to see the time loss go.
However it's starting to happen again. I'd look up at the sky, or a clock, notice that several hours have skipped by and usually I'd find myself in a strange location or situation.
There's a black car parked near my motorcycle at my apartment building. It wasn't there before.  Upon closer inspection, it bears government license plates.  My fire safe is locked shut, I can't remember it's combination, and I don't remember ever changing it.  Not sure I want to open it, I might be afraid of what I see.
Perhaps I'd be better off locking myself in my apartment for a while, and I'd have done so already if I didn't need to go out and feed.
I guess the only thing I can do is see how my life plays out, one day at a time..

Jun. 1st, 2009



I don't know what it is.  Perhaps I'm losing interest in writing.  Perhaps it's just because so many things happen in a single day.  Just too much to write about.  Army General is dead.  Police Chief retired.  Fire Station is empty.  
Aliens continue to convince us they are here for peace, but that's not something I can believe.
Attempts on my life have settled down, however I was mugged twice in a day.
You don't mug a vampire.

Speaking of which, I have a family again.  I've become a vampire, one of two lady's to the two vampire lord's whom run the clan. 
It's not something I'd ever think I'd do, I used to have a phobia of vampires to be quite honest.  I'm still adjusting to this whole situation. 
Fight crime round the clock and find time to feed at night.  Not sure where sleep fits in.  I'm lucky to have a social life.

My trust, however waning, is being mended again by these bonds.
However during these times, you don't know who your real friends are.
Just have to keep them all close, like a famous quote once stated.

I think I'd like to start writing an autobiography.

May. 30th, 2009



Trust.  I'm not sure if it exists anymore.
I've been betrayed by too many I've held dear to me.
Too many friends lost.
I know better now.
Replaced my apartment locks, only I have the keys now.

I've been emotionally shattered.

May. 25th, 2009



Today I was discovered through my disguise by one I'd rather not be discovered by.  As a result I nearly got cremated alive.  I am covered in burn wounds, and I'm doing everything I can to not have to see them or show them...
I look hideous.  Will I ever heal?
They are causing me great pain, but I've felt worse.  I don't want to be helpless, laying around in a hospital.  I escaped and came to the apartment in a wheelchair.
I just got out of the wheelchair to try walking around.  The pain is nearly blinding but I will tolerate it.  I must.
Maybe I'll be able to ride my motorcycle again soon.
Maybe I'll be able to fight again.
I have to.  The mayor is in danger and it's all my fault.
I would never forgive myself if I cause her death.

May. 24th, 2009


:5.24.09: Story

(As the day wears on, and Sadie remains quiet, I have time to write down a story.  This happened a couple of years ago, pre-Raven.)

While working with the police, I had a best friend.  Her name was Sarah.  Now Sarah had a beautiful young girl, six years old, named Lenore. 
I loved the girl, spoiled her rotten.  She was like the daughter I never had.  Sometimes, when I wasn't on the job, I'd babysit her.  When I wasn't babysitting her, I looked into the records of any babysitter my friend chose to make sure she'd be safe.

One day I was out of town taking a much needed vacation.  It was this one day where Sarah needed an emergency babysitter, she had a call and had to go to work in a hurry.  Of course, this one time, I wasn't able to check their records, let alone know that this was going on.

Let's just say, the night I returned home was a night I would give anything to be able to forget.
Had I not have been on that trip I could have taken care of her.  At least if I couldn't, I could have checked the man's records and could have stopped him.
I blame myself for the murder of Lenore.

And to this day I hunt down that man, and anybody associated with him.


Things have gotten complicated, quite complicated indeed. My life has been nothing short of action movie material.
One day I find myself talking peace with an evil alien leader.
Next day finds me listening in on a secret plot belonging to the army.
What I'm about to write in this journal may be shocking to some. However, I don't intend anybody to read this journal til I'm dead and gone. So, let's hope that by the time this is read, this event will be a thing of the past. God willing, Sadie survives it.

Currently, as I write this, I have completely disguised myself. Whole new outfit. Dyed my hair. Wearing makeup to hide my freckles, and tinted glasses to cover up my eyes. As far as anybody is concerned, I'm new to the city. Let me tell you why.

The army, even under the nose of the mayor, has made some sort of a deal with the aliens. They are building something for them, from what I gather. A project called X71. They have been killing off reporters that know too much. I'm no reporter, but I nearly joined them.
They tortured me into revealing all I knew. I managed not to let out any names of those I told.
And I pulled myself together enough to tell the mayor and the chief of police. They had no idea of any of this.  I had to pass on the information, and I'm taking a big risk on my life telling them.  I figured I'd better tell them before the army decides to kill me off.  My final act to save Sadie, perhaps.  The aliens consider me a lead resistance member I've heard. 

This is why I've taken on another identity.  I'm scared, I'm terrified to be honest.  Not something I often tell anybody.  I only hope that what I'm doing gives some of the population hope.  I don't want to let them down.  And I don't want them to know I'm afraid.
I don't plan for this to be my last journal entry.

May. 16th, 2009



This journal has been completely rewritten in my own personal code.  I'm taking no more chances. 
The aliens have stolen all of the city's water, and most of the water we have left is in the fire trucks.  However with a crazy arsonist on the lose, the water is vital.  I've been trying to track them down but to no avail.
These fire's are being linked to me, I think I've been set up.  Both the mayor and the fire chief suspect me...
I'm at a loss of what to do.

May. 13th, 2009



A lot has happened, so I'll write this in quick summaries.

Twice have I been close to death by the hands of the Templars. I'll just accept it as pure luck that I survived. It might be too much to wish for something deeper stopping the hands of the would be killer.

Their activity seems to be slowing down, something I greatly welcome. However, Sadie is still under martial law. I've been keeping busy with smaller crimes, this war no longer concerns me.

A new gang moved into town, and is rapidly growing in numbers. I shall have my hands full with that lot. I believe I'm on their bad side already.

I now have a complete store of known data on criminals at my fingertips. No more needs to be said on that.

The fire cheif retired, and I will greatly miss him. He's such a great guy and excellent in his advice.

And I don't know about this relationship anymore. I'm being torn in two, you could say. Except one half is doing well, and the other, not so much. It's complicated.

So much going on in so little time, but now I'll be able to write more regularly.
This journal holds much of my life story. Should it be intercepted, I may have to go into permanent hiding. I'm tempted to leave it locked up tight in my apartment, yet there is something comforting about keeping it on my person.
Perhaps I'll develop a cipher, rewrite everything in it, and burn the originals.
You cannot be too careful.
I'll be looking into that now.

May. 7th, 2009



Time for me to lie low, disguised for a time. One is no longer safe when one defeats the leader of a top crime organization, not when said leader escapes. I know I'm in for it now, they will hunt me down by his orders. I was able to install a locking secondary door with bars, so nobody can get into my apartment easily.
I await the day I can finally finish the job and put an end to him, but with the army corrupted and on their side, frankly I am afraid for my life.
On the not so dangerous side of things, the marriage isn't going so well. My fault, really. I will tread no further into that drama.
Thus I'm not doing so well...both physically and emotionally.
Last entry for a time, and I will resume writing once things are more secure.

May. 3rd, 2009



My bone mask was good for a while, however something was still missing.  As nice as it was, it was lacking in protection.  Namely against fumes, gas, and smoke.  After having another run in with the SCA earlier, I was held hostage and exposed to harmful gas.  Things could have gone smoother had I of thought ahead.
I have, as of this afternoon, created a raven-shaped gas mask.  It suited me well when I was helping my husband to douse some flames earlier.  I know that this new mask will save my life many times to come. 

Had a discussion with the police chief this morning.  The arrival of the aliens and the rise in crime may possibly be linked.  Strange green chemicals have been pouring into the west side.  For a while I was tricked into thinking them friends, but a recent happening proves to me otherwise.  They don't seem to be here for peace, as they have so claimed.
And I have a feeling I won't escape so easily at our next encounter...

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